The Team



The programme is led by its founder Kris Everatt. Kris is a

biologist, originally from Canada, who came to Mozambique

in 2011 for his Masters studies and eventually his PhD where he led the most extensive walked spoor survey across Africa,

walking >4000km across the GLTFCA. Kris is also the Bushmeat Poaching Intervention Programme Manager for Panthera's Lion Programme.








Samuel Alberto is a graduate of Faculty of Veterinary at Eduardo Mondlane University. He joined the GLCP in 2018 as our Logistics Operator and programme Veterinarian. Samuel has invaluable experience from his time part taking in courses at the E. O. Wilson Laboratory in Gorongosa NP. 















Rae Kokeš joined the programme in 2016 and is our assistant manager. Rae is also a biologist with an MSc in Animal Behaviour and a passion for carnivore behavioral ecology and conservation. She is the Founder of the internationally recognised World Lion Day campaign and also founded the Matusadona Lion Project in Zimbabwe.


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