The GLCP has been undertaking research across the Greater Limpopo Lion Conservation Unit (GLLCU) since 2011. Our research has been primarily examining the impact of anthropomorphic pressures on lions and their ecology across the landscape. 

Our research consists of a vast variety of activities from call-up and walked spoor surveys, camera trapping and genetic sampling, to satellite GPS collaring and data modelling.  

Data derived from our in situ research helps us design, guide and measure the effectiveness our conservation activities and that of other stakeholders we collaborate with. 

Our research extends beyond lions to other large carnivore abundance, prey availability, habitat quality, and other mega-fauna occupancy such as elephant. Using such datasets we have contributed to regional and national conservation management plans and provided robust data modelling to help guide management plans to improve wildlife connectivity across the Greater Limpopo Trans-Frontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA).  

Publications, presentations & reports:

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